The enthusiasm for rugby has reached to its climax as we are getting closer to the final weekend of the Inter University Rugby Championship 2017 and it’s another showdown between last year finalists; University of Moratuwa and University of Peradeniya. Both teams remain unbeaten as they hammered all of their opponents easily and it will … Continue reading IUG RUGBY: GET READY FOR ANOTHER PERA MORA SHOWDOWN


Volleys at IUG17..

Even a small kid might know the answer if the question, “What is the national sport of Sri Lanka?” is raised. It’s a stark fact that Sri Lankans are much more attracted towards the sport of gentlemen; cricket but that doesn’t have the slightest impact on the reputation of our national sport; volleyball among generations. … Continue reading Volleys at IUG17..

IUG Rugby, A game of guts and glory..

     If I ask you what is the most popular game in Sri Lanka, without any hesitation you will say it’s Cricket. Undoubtedly Cricket is the most popular sport among the Sri Lankan community, even more than our national sport Volley ball but Rugby has being growing its popularity from recent past and now … Continue reading IUG Rugby, A game of guts and glory..

Hockey 6’s for hockey maniacs..

SriLanka is a country, well known for the victorious milestones marked in the field of sports. Irrespective of the nativity or foreignness of a sport, SriLankans succeed in them, in a satisfactory way. Hockey is one such foreign sport with a non- Asian origin; however, getting popular among SriLankan community. It can simply be defined as … Continue reading Hockey 6’s for hockey maniacs..

Sabara plays ahead with kicks and punches..

   Karate games of the “Inter University Games 2017” were held on 17 and 18 June 2017, at the Gymnasium of University of Sri Jayawardenapura. Karate, which is said to have begun as a technique of self defense in early Japan has now evolved as a popular sport all over the world. The art of … Continue reading Sabara plays ahead with kicks and punches..

Inter University Games So far…

       Track and field events are games which afford evidence to the running, throwing and jumping excellence of the sportsmen. Most of the times they offer a fine platform to assess individual flairs rather than team efforts. In 2017 Diyagama Mahinda Rajapaksha grounds became a breeding territory to unleash such talents and the sportsmanship of … Continue reading Inter University Games So far…

The Battle Begins With the Ball-IUG 2017

                                Inter-university Games 2017 ‘Inter university games 2017’, the most astounding sport occasion of the year has now got off the ground with the initial match being held at University of Moratuwa grounds between University of Moratuwa and University of Visual and Performing Arts. Being the first day of the series, today, in all, … Continue reading The Battle Begins With the Ball-IUG 2017

Pera – Mora, hand-in-hand

For the fourth consecutive year, the reunion of the engineers of University of Peradeniya and University of Moratuwa was drawn to a close with the T20 cricket match for Sir Arthur C. Clarke memorial Trophy 2016. The resolution of this encounter is to build an engineering research fund and to assist the engineers around the … Continue reading Pera – Mora, hand-in-hand