Mora paddlers secure dual championships at home

Referred to as one of the fastest games in the world, Table Tennis has now become one of the most inspiring game among young players. The utilization of skills including proper concentration, speed and the vigilance have often become the key determinants in the success of the game that help the players to dismantle the opponents. In enhancing these skills among budding players, the Table Tennis matches at the Inter University games were held and it in turn brought cheers of all universities under one championship.The 2018 Inter University Games Table Tennis matches were held at Moratuwa Gymnasium for two days starting from the 8th. The matches comprised both men’s and women’s categories that ended up making both men’s and women’s teams of Moratuwa to clinch the title and become top scored champions.


The tournament kicked off with the Preliminary stage matches that had 12 universities at the standings. At the end of the preliminary stage matches, ladies from teams of Moratuwa and Ruhuna from Group A, J’pura and Kelaniya from Group B, Colombo and Jaffna from Group C and Sabaragamuwa and Uva from Group D entered the quarter finals. On the other hand in men’s divisions, Colombo and Wayamba teams from Group A, J’pura and Pera teams from Group B, Moratuwa and Jaffna from Group C and Kelaniya and Ruhuna teams from Group D eyed the top spots and entered the quarter finals.


At women’s quarter final matches, girls from Sabaragamuwa met Kelaniya players and made Kelaniya lose the match 3-1. Next, in the match between Moratuwa and Jaffna, Mora players won all the singles and knocked Jaffna players 3-0. J’pura and Wayamba again the next quarter final match faced against each other and J’pura won over Wayamba 3-1. At the last quarter final match, Colombo won 3 rounds against Ruhuna and entered the finals 3-1.


In men’s quarter final matches, Colombo encountered Jaffna players and made Jaffna players lose the game 3-0. Mora players who played with Wayamba in the next match defended Wayamba by 3-1. J’pura who met Ruhuna in the next match crushed Ruhuna 3-0 and got entered the next level. In the Pera and Kelaniya match, Kelani players made a score of 3-0 and defeated the Pera players.


The semifinal matches had 4 top flight teams from each category. At the semifinal matches, Colombo men’s team played against Kelaniya and obtained a score of 3-1 and narrowly defeated the Kelaniya players. In the next match, J’pura and Mora struggled to occupy their positions which ultimately favored Mora 3-1. In women’s semi’s,  J’pura team lead the front by dismantling Colombo team 3-1 and Mora team in the next semifinal match defeated Sabaragamuwa 3-1 and remained in the standings.


The Consolation finals brought back J’pura against Kelaniya in men’s category and Sabaragamuwa against Colombo in women’s category. The two matches marked the ending making J’pura lads to remain in the third place by defeating Kalani players 3-1 and Sabaragamuwa lasses to remain in 3rd place under women’s category after defeating Colombo ladies 3-1.

The decisive finals made Moratuwa to play against Colombo team in men’s category and Moratuwa ladies to play with J’pura. The two matches marked the ending after the 2nd day making the Moratuwa players the crown holders by defending Colombo 3-2. In women’s finals, Moratuwa defeated J’pura after a hotly contested encounter with J’pura marking the score 3-2. They became the girls to retain the championship making the history of Moratuwa Table Tennis once again gleam with pride.


Blowing the competition away, the players of Moratuwa stood on their heels securing the championship of Inter University Table Tannis Championship by browning off all the other players. Subsequently, Colombo and J’pura from men’s cateory placed the runners up and second runners up positions respectively and J’pura and Sabaragamuwa ladies retained the runners up and second runners up positions in women’s category accordingly.



We, on behalf of Perabeats congratulate all the teams for their exception playing, homework and unending commitment and wish them to become successful with their future endeavors as well.

Article by – Trishani Ranasinghe

Edited by – Isuru Akalanka


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