20842127_10207965980062388_4710759217156306809_n1. When growing up, how did your family members help you to balance your passion for sports and your academics?

I have been playing Table Tennis since childhood. I received the greatest support from my family and on top of that, my coach has been there since my early stages. My family members used to come and watch me play at tournaments too.

  1. 2. As a student and a sportsman, what is your formula to balance both? Any secrets behind it?

I make sure I do not miss my study work. Until I came into grade 11, I practiced all 5 days of the week. After that, with exams, the time I spent practicing was limited. Now at campus, I spend about 3 days per week practicing.

3. Is there anything you’d love to achieve that you haven’t already? A secret aspiration?

I am happy that I was able to be selected to compete at World Uni. I always wanted to represent Sri Lanka at International level, and I have already achieved it! Next is to win at WUG.

4. Do you have an urge to win, win and win or are you satisfied by doing your best and enjoying the sports?

Even if I lose, there is always something to learn. I realize that there are better players and that they are good at what they do. I am just happy that I get to play my favourite sport.


5. What is the fact or talent you have that differentiates you from your contemporaries who are equally skilled in table tennis just like you are?

Like I said before, there are better players, better than me. I do what I do with passion and love. That is the only talent that qualifies me I suppose.

6. Do you have a saying or a motto you live by or an idol that you live up to?

Well, you have to do what you do with love and do it right!

7. What would you tell an aspiring sportsman that is discouraged and hasn’t found that passion and struggles to remain in the sport?

If he intends to give up on the sport, it is best to look at the reasons as to why. Why would he want to give up TT? If it is for a better career or a sport he is more adapted to and the final outcome is positive, it would be ok, I guess, to let go.


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