29TH SUMMER UNIVERSIADE|Taekwondo|Pavithra Perera

18449565_1417105748328018_2543285338122905152_o1. Why do you think this sport is the most suitable one for you?

I loved this sport and I thought that it would serve me in good and useful ways. So I chose it.

2. Was there any special moments when your family started to realize that you were natural in your chosen field of sports?

My family admits that I’m good at this and it’s a good reason for me to keep doing it.

3. What was the best moment or day in your sports career that made you want to continue at it for so long?

I have felt that I should continue this when I became victorious, and when I talked to my master. His encouragement and guidance made me want to love the sport even more.

4. How are your days now leading to the World University Games?

We practice as one team two days per week.


5. What or who do you think would be you greatest challenge or opponent out there at the WUG?

Our biggest opponent is going to be Korea.


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