29TH SUMMER UNIVERSIADE|Taekwondo|Chanduni Gangani


1. Why do you think this sport is the most suitable one for you?

I like martial arts. When I came here, I was first introduced
to Taekwondo. So that’s how I chose this game.

2. Was there any special moments when your family started to realize that you were natural in your chosen field of sports?

My master was Korean. When I was practicing, my master encouraged me and complemented me and that made me push myself more into this.

3. What was the best moment or day in your sports career that made you want to continue at it for so long?

I’ve failed and I’ve been frustrated many times. Even my failures have disappointed my master and my captain. Those moments made me determine that I’ll surely make them happy for what they gave me, and I determined to be grateful for them someday and that made me want to continue this with more intensity.

4. How are your days now leading to the World University Games?

When we selected to WUG, we were convinced that we have a long way to go and that we have many flaws and week points. And this chance made us to think about how difficult it’s going to be to compete by the name of a country, to represent our country.

5. What or who do you think would be your greatest challenge or opponent out there at the WUG?

It’s definitely going to be Korea. Because it’s their national sport and they have the sport
universities and they follow this game at their universities, so they have the best players.


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