29th Summer Universiade..

   Education is power. But it will be easy to achieve life goals with academic milestones along with sport abilities. So it is crucial to have a sports arena to give hand to such desperate players. As a result of that, World University Games; in other words Universiade was born and prepares a platform for potent university players.

    World University Championship i.e. WUC is organized by International University Sports Federation (FISU).  This was started officially in 1963 in city of Lund(SWE), but since the beginning of 20th century onwards some people devoted for its foundation. Initially, it was decided to name the event as “University Olympic Games”.  However, with some objections of the founders of Olympic Games, the name of the event changed as  ‘Universiade’.

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  Universiade is a word which constructed  with the combination of ‘University’ and ‘Olympiad’. But oftenly the event is referred as World University Games or World Student Games. This sports fiesta seconds only to Olympic games and held every two years in a different city. It  consists  of two categories as summer and winter universiades. More than 9000 student-players, from over 170 countries, gather in one city for about 12 days in order to show up thier talents in sports.

   The selection of the city for WUG is being done according to a special criteria. The host country for the particular year receives the opportunity of choosing 3 optional sports other than its 14 compulsory sports.

   Winter Universiade 2017 was held in Kazakhstan and next Summer Universiade will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from the 19th to the 30th August. This time Sri Lanka is taking part in WUC, covering seven scopes of sports such as swimming, athletics, weight lifting, table tennis, tanis, badminton and taekwondo with commitment of 67 island wide university-players.

by Lakshika Madumali


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