#335 precise days..

We saw
That we exist
When we knew nothing,
But to smile.
And we met
Our existences
When we are on the verge,
On the verge of two separate ends..
With our heads
Standing nowhere
With our veins run dry short of the warmth
Of the kindred blood
With our pieces split up everywhere and gone,
Gone out of tiresome decades of being left out.
And I,
We weren’t even stiff enough to drown
Because we could melt away
If the universe chose to doubt
‘a little ‘ second to make eyes meet.
Somebody, somewhere
Has had wronged us,
Intruded the soulful hearts,
Have dragged us into the ditch
Of where they all came out,
Throttling the angel till he no more exhales love.
Not like an ordinary drop of water, to me,
If you think I’m running dry,
And there’re cracks upon my everywhere,
I’d say, it’s about,
Holy vibes,
The ones for which you live
Though they’re not near,
Not even within your sights..
The ones for which you don’t just wish,
For which you don’t feel enough wishing.
This isn’t them, not really everyone.
This is you and this is us
This is how we made it towards today
And how we’ll towards the lives in anticipation..

Indusara Pathirana


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