J-pura conquers the aquatic playgrounds..

  Swimming is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by many people all over the world with no age or gender discrimination. Evolved with the evolution of the human beings, the activity of swimming has now reached a state where it is considered one of the most popular sport activities in the Olympic Games. Swimming can … Continue reading J-pura conquers the aquatic playgrounds..


IUG Rugby, A game of guts and glory..

     If I ask you what is the most popular game in Sri Lanka, without any hesitation you will say it’s Cricket. Undoubtedly Cricket is the most popular sport among the Sri Lankan community, even more than our national sport Volley ball but Rugby has being growing its popularity from recent past and now … Continue reading IUG Rugby, A game of guts and glory..

Hockey 6’s for hockey maniacs..

SriLanka is a country, well known for the victorious milestones marked in the field of sports. Irrespective of the nativity or foreignness of a sport, SriLankans succeed in them, in a satisfactory way. Hockey is one such foreign sport with a non- Asian origin; however, getting popular among SriLankan community. It can simply be defined as … Continue reading Hockey 6’s for hockey maniacs..