Inter Faculty Freshers Championship, the first sporting experience of the newbies of the University of Peradeniya  is an event organized by the Department of Physical Education of university of Peradeniya and freshers of all the faculties participate in sports.
Sports is an integral part of the university life and freshers championship is a venue for the undergraduates to get to know about the sports conducted by the physical department of the university.
The newcomers get to participate in almost all the sports available in the university. Volleyball, basketball, cricket, rugby, athletics, swimming are some of the sporting events where the students showed the colors of their skills and brotherhood.
From the beginning of the year itself s,tudents put their hearts and souls to gain victory in this championship. Talent of the students can win one or two games. But the team work and spirit and the moral of the students is the reason why ones become the best of this championship.
Faculty of Engineering again proves to be the unbeatable champions of freshers championship Faculty of medicine became the runners-up while the faculty of arts placed second runners up in the championship. The faculty of agriculture was not able to participate in freshers

        The Faculty of Engineering ranked first in men’s’ category with 115 points while faculty of medicine topped in the women’s’ ranking with 83 points .This is a tournament organized to uplift the spirit of the students of the faculties by getting to know the undergraduates of all the faculties. And also it’s the best opportunity for the newcomers to show their abilities in the field of sports.

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These are some students who were able to perform their best.

Athletics (Most outstanding Athlete of the year)
1. Thanushka Nipun – Faculty of Engineering (Male)
2. Venuri Wijekoon – Faculty of Medicine (Female)

Basketball (Most outstanding Basketball Player of the year)
1. Malindu Madusanka – Faculty of Engineering (Male)
2. Pramoda Fernando – Faculty of Engineering (Female)

Badminton (Most outstanding Badminton Player of the year)
1. Chathura Dhanasinghe – Faculty of Science (Male)
2.Dinushi De Silva – Faculty of Medicine (Female)

Chess (Chess Master of the year)
1. Dilshan Akiller – Faculty of Engineering (Male)
2. Chethya Abeywickrama – Faculty of Engineering (Female)

Football (Most outstanding football Player of the year)
1. Champaka warnapura – Faculty of Engineering

Hockey (Most outstanding Hockey Player of the year)
1. 1.Shanaka Bandara – Faculty of Engineering (Male)
2. I.M Wickramasinghe – Faculty of Arts (Female)

Karate (Most outstanding Karate Player of the year)
1.Kasun Karunarathna – Faculty of Engineering (Male)
2.Kumushini Thennakon – Faculty of Science (Female)

Rugby (Most outstanding Ruggerite of the year)
1.Isuru Kothalawala – Faculty of Medicine

Swimming (Most outstanding Swimmer of the year)
1.Ravindu Ranasinghe – Faculty of Engineering (Male)
2.Ridmi Samaradiwakara – Faculty of Medicine (Female)

Volleyball (Most outstanding Volleyball Player of the year)
1.Tharaka Dilshan – Faculty of Science (Male)
2.M.U. Rumeshika – Faculty of Arts (Female)

          The upcoming player of the year was awarded to Chethya Abeywickrama of Faculty of Engineering. The closing ceremony was held on 26th of April 2017 at the university gymnasium at a grand scale. Winners were awarded with gifts and certificates.

by Chathurangi Edussuriya


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