Colors Awards Ceremony 2016


Colors awards ceremony for the year 2016 of University of Peradeniya was held on 16th of March 2017. The function was lined up into two sessions: the evening session, the distribution of awards held at EOE Pereira Theatre Faculty of Engineering, and the entertainment and DJ night at the university gymnasium.

               As per tradition, the event commenced with the lighting of the oil lamp by the special guests. The president of the sports council, Mr. H. D. R. Sudarshana welcomed the gathering with his speech marking the onset of the event. After the speeches of Mr. M. D. Palitha Kumara, the Director of Physical Education and Professor R. L. Wijeyaweera, the vice chairman of physical education and sports advisory committee, the distribution of the awards of the first division, under the sports, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball and Carrom got going. Afterwards, the distribution of the awards of the second division for the games, Chess, Cricket and Elle took up. At the conclusion of the two sessions, Vice Chancellor plus the Guest of Honor, Professor Upul B. Dissanayake made his speech. Afterwards, distributing awards for the third category, for Football, Hockey and Karate took up the agenda. Those who deserved colors for Netball, Power lifting, Road race and Rugger were awarded in the fourth division of awards. As the awardees were awaiting in rows there were a couple of dance items to entertain the crowd. By and large, there were six divisions for the distribution of all the games. The awards for swimming, Teakwondo, Table Tennis and Tennis were given in the fifth division and the awards for Track and Field, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling and Wushu were distributed during the final division of awards.

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        There were three special award winners for the year 2016 for Netball, Wrestling and Table Tennis. The Netball team received the award donated by Mr. R. B. Wijekoon for ‘the most enthusiastic team’. The Wrestling team received awards, Muhammed Noohu Memorial Trophy and the Dutugamunu Challenge Trophy for being both outstanding and enthusiastic. The Table Tennis team received the award donated by Mr. P. E. Fernando for being the most outstanding team. As to conclude the evening session held at the EOE Pereira theatre, Mr. D. I .D. Abeysinghe, the secretery of the sports council made the vote of thanks.

Reported by: Indusara Pathirana


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