Faculty of agriculture annually present a symposium which helps the undergraduate Researches to advance their knowledge in achieving the appropriate targets without difficulty while showing the achievements accomplished by the undergraduates in completion of their researches.

The program with its name, FAURUS – Faculty of Agriculture undergraduate Research Symposium encountered another successful chapter in 2016.

Launching the preparations for the year, 16th of December, 2016, at Food science Auditorium, Faculty of Agriculture, FAURUS 2016 commenced with everyone’s enthusiasm.

The event was graced with the presence of Rohan David Pethiyagoda who is one of Sri Lanka’s leading naturalist and a taxonomist on Freshwater fish of Sri Lanka, the chairman of the tea board of Sri Lanka as a the chief guest, along with Vice Chancellor of University of Peradeniya – Professor Upul B. Dissanayaka, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture – Professor Gamini Pushpakumara.

The keynote speech inspired the undergraduates to pursue their dreams and inflate the horizon of their knowledge up to a new level.

The symposium comprised of technical sessions which illustrated the researches completed by the undergraduates during their academic life cherished under the mother University of Peradeniya with the guidance of the resourceful educators of the faculty of Agriculture. Poster sessions were also conducted regarding various aspects and themes in the field of Agriculture. The presentations were carried out under different themes related to agriculture which included food science, animal science, plant science, aquaculture,biotechnology.

Full equipped laboratories, libraries, farms of the alma mater helped the undergraduates in completion of their researches at an outstanding level. The staff of the faculty directed by the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture – Professor Gamini Pushpakumara were giant shadows with precise guiding and advising on every step they took towards the objective they were reaching for.

At the end of the Program, awards were given for the best Presentation under those different themes.

As to the traditions, a fellowship dinner with the guests, lectures, alumni was held at the Oak-Ray Regency Hotel at the end of the day.

Reported By  : Chathurangi Edussuriya


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